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January 05, 2024

How to plan your next year when you can't plan anything | #39

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Are you in a stage of life where caregiving responsibilities bring a long uncertainty in your schedules, causing all your plans to fly out of the window? It’s a common challenge for many, and it often leads to a feeling of not bothering to plan anything at all. As the New Year approaches, and people start making new big plans, it can feel like a harsh reminder that our lives have been put on hold indefinitely. However, it doesn’t have to be so. In this episode, I invite you to embark on a transformative journey of creating a unique plan for the upcoming year, despite the challenges and uncertainties that may come your way.

1. Start with Celebration

Before diving into planning something new, it’s essential to celebrate the milestone of making it to the new year. Celebrating your resilience and strength can set the tone for the upcoming planning process.

2. Define What a Great Year Means to You

Consider different areas of your life – personal, professional, academic, friendships, physical and mental health, and creativity. What would make a great year in each of those areas for you? Focus on yourself and not just the lives of the people you care for. Define what will make each area of your life great and how you want to feel when things are great.

3. Brainstorm Actions and Decisions

Envision how you want to feel and think about what would be different in your life. What are at least 3 things you want to let go of and what will you be saying no and yes to? Consider the people you can lean on, how to connect with loved ones, and how you will take care of yourself daily.

4. Visualize and Reflect

Envision the places you will visit, how you will celebrate your achievements, and what you will love about yourself. Imagine it’s December 31, 2024, and you are reflecting on the past year. Write about the energy and bravery you had, the best advice you gave yourself, and what made the year special. Choose one word that summarizes the year for you.

5. Commit to Your Plan

Congratulations, you’ve just created your plan for the year. This can be your new year resolutions, with the chosen word as your guiding star. It’s your reminder of your intentions and commitments to yourself for the year. I share my word for the year 2024 in this podcast episode.


6. Embrace Personalized Coaching

If you feel it’s time to reclaim your life and make the year ahead the best ever, consider 1 on 1 coaching. It’s an opportunity to dive deep into unleashing your dreams and addressing what’s holding you back. The new year can be a time to break free and step into a transformative journey.

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If you feel your life got put on hold, I have a list of 10 essential things for caregivers to remember to get your life back.

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