Iryna Ishchenko

DECEMBER 22, 2023

How to calm down when you are stressed | #37

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I want to share with you five of my favorite easy tools to calm down when stressed and overwhelmed. 

These practical and easy-to-implement techniques can aid in nervous system regulation, allowing caregivers to better cope with the challenges they face.

1: Name Your Emotions

The first technique is naming the emotion you are experiencing. This simple act helps to calm down the amygdala and shift your body out of the fight-or-flight mode. It’s crucial to be honest with yourself and pinpoint the exact emotions you are feeling at any given moment. This level of self-awareness can significantly impact how effectively you can regulate your stress levels.

2: Deep Belly Breathing

Another powerful tool for calming down when stressed is deep belly breathing. Place your hand on the belly to ensure the breath is centered. This technique signals safety to the brain, promoting a sense of calm. Practicing affirmations or positive thoughts during deep belly breathing can further enhance its effectiveness in reducing stress.

3: Humor as Therapy

Humor is a potent stress reliever: funny cat videos or any other humorous content to induce laughter. These light-hearted videos have provided quick stress relief, often leading to uncontrollable laughter. The therapeutic benefits of laughter cannot be overstated, and incorporating humor into your daily routine can help alleviate stress in a lighthearted way.

4: Art and Creativity

Engaging in artistic activities, such as adult coloring books and watercolors, can serve as a therapeutic outlet for caregivers. I find comfort in observing colors blending in water and the calming effect it has on her. The coloring books are a convenient stress-relief tool that can be utilized in small doses even during busy moments.

5: Affection and Connection

The power of affection and connection is undeniable when it comes to managing stress: physical touch, such as hugs, kisses, and cuddling, the companionship of pets. The act of seeking affection or connection, whether from loved ones or pets, can provide a sense of comfort and support during stressful times. Even simple gestures such as smiling or observing nature can contribute to stress reduction.

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